Peeking through

I captured this red barn on my way home from camping a few weekends ago. Remember, it was my second time camping. Ever. Just in case you forgot.



This past weekend involved volunteering at a music festival and camping. My second time camping. Ever. In my life. I’m a trooper. I captured this little guy as I was packing up
the tent and on my way home.

New (to me) treats

I must share my lastest treats from a thrift store. I cannot explain how happy it makes me to find these wonderful items.  I love that they are cheap. I’m frugal, but have been referred to as cheap but I don’t care. These treats were such a steal. I couldn’t leave them behind.

First I found the mini lemons and oranges in original packages and never opened. Yesss! I have seen these in a big box store selling for $4.99 a package. I scored them, yes both packages for $1.99. Smile:) The lemons are now in a tear drop dish I had. The oranges will remain in storage for the time being.

My second treat is the letter “P”. You ask why “P”? My middle name starts with P. I have wanted a letter for quite a while, but couldn’t find one and I’ve been searching stores, antique shops, yardsales, the dollar store.  You get the idea. I would find every other letter, C, Z but they don’t have any significance to me so they remained at their temporary home rather than my postage stamp. This little number letter was $2.99. Yippee! I am comtemplating painting it a different colour (as I lovingly gaze at it across the room) but for now he will remain silver. I think it would be nice to have it pop amongst the glass and silver.  Turquoise or yellow maybe? I tried (on numerous occasions) to convince my significant other that a letter would look great in his office or living room but no such luck. One day, a letter will magically appear in his house. An orange one.

Another treat I found was this wire basket for $2.99. Yes, I took a picture with the price tag, just in case you didn’t believe that it was such a deal.  I love the colour and shape. He is an oil rubbed bronze colour which can’t be appreciated from the picture. I don’t have a home for him yet, but I will find one. Oh yes I will.  Perhaps he will reside in the boy’s kitchen on a temporary basis. I know just the spot.

What thrift store treats have you found?

Just a few photos

I thought I would add a few more photos I have taken along the way.


I’m not by any means a photographer, however, I enjoy taking pictures. Actually I love it. In particular, I like taking pictures of barns. Actually I love them. There’s something about the textures, from the barnboard, to the tin roof, to the stone walls. I could stare at them forever. Actually I do. I stop at the side of the road to take pictures while we are en route somewhere. If it means that a few minutes are added to the ETA, then so be it.

DIY Curtain Rod

I needed a solution for my bedroom window. The bed sheet hung up with green painters tape wasn’t cutting it anymore.  As you can see from the pics, one side of the window doesn’t have a wall to attach a bracket from. One phone call to dad fixed it all. He took one look at it and decided he would make a bracket for me. A bracket that will stand the test of time. A bracket that you can’t find in a store. Then we decided why buy a curtain rod when we can make one. Off to Home Depot we went. I chose a galvanized conduit aka a metal rod. I decided not to paint it to allow for contrast with the glass hardware I chose for the finials.  I’m beginning to think otherwise now. It looks rather dull. A can of oil rubbed bronze spray paint will do the trick. I will get on that soon. My handy dad spray painted the brackets a soft gray to blend in.

Now for installation. I live in a condo, so what’s behind the drywall nobody knows. We think it is steel since a drill was required. It was a long process. Long I tell you. My dad likes to get things right and will take the time to do so.

So there you have it, a custom curtain rod. It sure beats a bed sheet.