Wandering about

Who knew that one afternoon while wandering about would lead me towards a broken down barn and wood train tracks which were located right in my neighbourhood. I hope you enjoy the photos!

broken barn with ladderswood train tracks


Winter Photos

It has been a while since I have posted photographs I have taken. The pictures below were taken last week in Ontario and of course there is a barn. A barn that that a broken door. The other picture has a horse in it. I’m straying from the norm.broken door barnbarn and brown horse

Coming soon..Autumn

Autumn may just be my favourite season if I had to choose one. Although, I’ve never had to choose one.  I took a photo of this bridge last year. When I look at it I think of autumn and walking with a tea in hand.  If my mind serves me correctly, I was eating ice cream prior to taking this photo which is not very autumn like.  The bridge is located in Guelph, Ontario and is primarily used by students to get from one place to the next. I was surprised. I pictured this type of bridge pattern to be located in the country.

I took this photo while on a walk at the cottage last year. I love the contrast of the laneway and the colours of the leaves against it.

New York City Photos

I recently went to New York City with my sister. She won a trip! Can you believe it? This is the second trip she has won from a radio station.  Here a few photos I snapped during our excursions throughout the city. These were taken in SoHo. My new love. More to come…


This past weekend involved volunteering at a music festival and camping. My second time camping. Ever. In my life. I’m a trooper. I captured this little guy as I was packing up
the tent and on my way home.

Just a few photos

I thought I would add a few more photos I have taken along the way.


I’m not by any means a photographer, however, I enjoy taking pictures. Actually I love it. In particular, I like taking pictures of barns. Actually I love them. There’s something about the textures, from the barnboard, to the tin roof, to the stone walls. I could stare at them forever. Actually I do. I stop at the side of the road to take pictures while we are en route somewhere. If it means that a few minutes are added to the ETA, then so be it.