Better late than never

It has been a while since I have been on here. My absence has been due to a health issue that required my attention and still does daily.

Anyways, Christmas has come and gone. However, my Christmas decorations remain up and around my place. Here are just a few easy Christmas DIY projects.

I had the apothecary jar on hand. I snagged it at a church bazaar during the summer for 10 cents. Can you believe it? Me neither! I also had the fake snow on hand. I purchased it at an after Christmas sale last year. The silver mini tree is from the Dollar Store. Add them all together and it’s a cute yet simple Christmas decoration.

silver mini tree

I love pinecones and anything sparkly, so why not combine the two? That’s exactly what I did. All that is required is glue, sparkles and pinecones. The end result is below.

Sparkly pinecones

The balcony needed something Christmasy (is that a word? ah well, it is now) as well. Birch branches, boughs of greenery, sumac,  and a flood light were used to create this arrangement. I wanted it to be visible from below hence the flood light. The flood light is sitting beneath the birch branches and illuminates the branches and sumac.

Christmas arrangement balcony


Flowers and the mason jar

I promised to update the painted mason jar with flowers and that’s exactly what I did. I stole snipped a few from the neighbour’s garden and voila! I have noticed lately that my kitchen looks a little bland and this adds a little something to it. Thanks neighbour!

Painted Mason Jars

I have been admiring painted mason jars, like these ones for a while now.  I am on vacation (yippee!) so I have some free time to do the things that don’t get done while working Monday to Friday. Off to the thrift store I went. I picked up these two mason jars for $0.69 each. What a steal. They were not marked with a price tag, so the cashier invented a price. I liked the price.

The tutorials I have read regarding the painting process advised to use acrylic paint, which I did. I chose this colour, Pool by Martha Stewart. It was $2.88. I have seen it cheaper, however, I was already at the store and thought I would pick it up. To paint the inside of the mason jar, you squirt paint into the bottom of the jar and turn it upside down to allow the paint to run down the sides of the jar. Easier said than done. My paint didn’t budge. It sat there in blobs. I put the lid back on the jar and shook it. I stuck (what I could) of my hand and swished the paint around. I finally resorted to the utensil jar. I needed something long with a flat edge. The lobster pick was the best man for the job.

The tutorials I have read advise to turn the jar upside down to allow it to dry. He was turned right side up for the photo. Mine has been drying for a day and half and only the top rim is dry. Here he is drying. So exciting I know.

Once dry, I will add flowers to spruce it up and will give you an update. In the meantime, there he sits drying.

DIY Curtain Rod

I needed a solution for my bedroom window. The bed sheet hung up with green painters tape wasn’t cutting it anymore.  As you can see from the pics, one side of the window doesn’t have a wall to attach a bracket from. One phone call to dad fixed it all. He took one look at it and decided he would make a bracket for me. A bracket that will stand the test of time. A bracket that you can’t find in a store. Then we decided why buy a curtain rod when we can make one. Off to Home Depot we went. I chose a galvanized conduit aka a metal rod. I decided not to paint it to allow for contrast with the glass hardware I chose for the finials.  I’m beginning to think otherwise now. It looks rather dull. A can of oil rubbed bronze spray paint will do the trick. I will get on that soon. My handy dad spray painted the brackets a soft gray to blend in.

Now for installation. I live in a condo, so what’s behind the drywall nobody knows. We think it is steel since a drill was required. It was a long process. Long I tell you. My dad likes to get things right and will take the time to do so.

So there you have it, a custom curtain rod. It sure beats a bed sheet.