Better late than never

It has been a while since I have been on here. My absence has been due to a health issue that required my attention and still does daily.

Anyways, Christmas has come and gone. However, my Christmas decorations remain up and around my place. Here are just a few easy Christmas DIY projects.

I had the apothecary jar on hand. I snagged it at a church bazaar during the summer for 10 cents. Can you believe it? Me neither! I also had the fake snow on hand. I purchased it at an after Christmas sale last year. The silver mini tree is from the Dollar Store. Add them all together and it’s a cute yet simple Christmas decoration.

silver mini tree

I love pinecones and anything sparkly, so why not combine the two? That’s exactly what I did. All that is required is glue, sparkles and pinecones. The end result is below.

Sparkly pinecones

The balcony needed something Christmasy (is that a word? ah well, it is now) as well. Birch branches, boughs of greenery, sumac,  and a flood light were used to create this arrangement. I wanted it to be visible from below hence the flood light. The flood light is sitting beneath the birch branches and illuminates the branches and sumac.

Christmas arrangement balcony


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