Pretty filing

These plain jane file folders just weren’t cutting it anymore. I couldn’t work and have them staring at me. Nevermind the bills spilling out of them. Please excuse the messiness.

So I hit up the dollar store and snagged these babies for $2.00. I’m a sucker for a good deal. I should have taken the plastic off prior to snapping the photo..oops!

This was an easy and quick way to clear the clutter that had found its way into the file folders.  I don’t want to tell you the date on some of the papers that snuck in there.

I think this little area on the corner of my desk looks better already.

I made labels so I know what goes where. I also hid the black filing tray with a frame and photo. Now I have something pretty to glance over at while working. The filing folders, the pretty filing folders.

I feel more organized and it only took a few minutes to clear the clutter and print a few labels. As my niece would say, “good job!.”


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