New (to me) treats

I must share my lastest treats from a thrift store. I cannot explain how happy it makes me to find these wonderful items.  I love that they are cheap. I’m frugal, but have been referred to as cheap but I don’t care. These treats were such a steal. I couldn’t leave them behind.

First I found the mini lemons and oranges in original packages and never opened. Yesss! I have seen these in a big box store selling for $4.99 a package. I scored them, yes both packages for $1.99. Smile:) The lemons are now in a tear drop dish I had. The oranges will remain in storage for the time being.

My second treat is the letter “P”. You ask why “P”? My middle name starts with P. I have wanted a letter for quite a while, but couldn’t find one and I’ve been searching stores, antique shops, yardsales, the dollar store.  You get the idea. I would find every other letter, C, Z but they don’t have any significance to me so they remained at their temporary home rather than my postage stamp. This little number letter was $2.99. Yippee! I am comtemplating painting it a different colour (as I lovingly gaze at it across the room) but for now he will remain silver. I think it would be nice to have it pop amongst the glass and silver.  Turquoise or yellow maybe? I tried (on numerous occasions) to convince my significant other that a letter would look great in his office or living room but no such luck. One day, a letter will magically appear in his house. An orange one.

Another treat I found was this wire basket for $2.99. Yes, I took a picture with the price tag, just in case you didn’t believe that it was such a deal.  I love the colour and shape. He is an oil rubbed bronze colour which can’t be appreciated from the picture. I don’t have a home for him yet, but I will find one. Oh yes I will.  Perhaps he will reside in the boy’s kitchen on a temporary basis. I know just the spot.

What thrift store treats have you found?


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