DIY Curtain Rod

I needed a solution for my bedroom window. The bed sheet hung up with green painters tape wasn’t cutting it anymore.  As you can see from the pics, one side of the window doesn’t have a wall to attach a bracket from. One phone call to dad fixed it all. He took one look at it and decided he would make a bracket for me. A bracket that will stand the test of time. A bracket that you can’t find in a store. Then we decided why buy a curtain rod when we can make one. Off to Home Depot we went. I chose a galvanized conduit aka a metal rod. I decided not to paint it to allow for contrast with the glass hardware I chose for the finials.  I’m beginning to think otherwise now. It looks rather dull. A can of oil rubbed bronze spray paint will do the trick. I will get on that soon. My handy dad spray painted the brackets a soft gray to blend in.

Now for installation. I live in a condo, so what’s behind the drywall nobody knows. We think it is steel since a drill was required. It was a long process. Long I tell you. My dad likes to get things right and will take the time to do so.

So there you have it, a custom curtain rod. It sure beats a bed sheet.


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